YouGov poll: No evidence of regrets after Brexit vote

Brexit was right decision 46%
Brexit was wrong decision 42%
Don't know 12%

A YouGov poll for The Times has found no evidence that voters regretted the decision to leave the EU. Asked whether Britain was “right or wrong to leave the EU”, 46% of respondents said that it had been the right decision and 42% said that it had been the wrong one.

The poll also found that 29% thought Brexit would make Britain economically better off, up from 23% before the referendum. The proportion of people who thought that it would be good for jobs rose two points to 24%.

However, less people believe that Brexit would lead to lower immigration. Before the referendum, 53% believed that leaving the EU would cut immigration. That had fallen to 47%.

The poll was conducted on August 1 and 2, among 1,722 people online.

Brexit Study

Open Europe has conducted comprehensive studies of UK withdrawal from the EU and simulated UK-EU negotiations involving key politicians from across Europe:

  • Our original Brexit report draws on detailed economic modelling to assess the impact of different Brexit scenarios.
  • The follow-up Brexit II report looks at policy recommendations in the fields of trade, immigration and regulation, which we believe are required in the event of a Brexit in order to offset the costs and maximise the economic benefits.
  • Involving key politicians from across Europe, we have simulated UK-EU negotiations for two main scenarios: (1) the UK seeking a new deal after having left the EU and (2) the UK renegotiating EU reform from within.

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