Open Europe’s Raoul Ruparel appeared on Bloomberg TV’s ‘What Did You Miss?’ show discussing the potential political ramifications of the tragic terror attacks in Brussels, cautioning that it is too early to draw firm conclusions but noting that the impact is unclear and could cut both ways. Raoul argued that on the one hand many voters will want to simply put as much distance between the EU and UK as possible. However, the Remain side can credibly argue that these are issues which need to be dealt with across borders and that leaving does not necessarily provide the UK with further tools to tackle these challenges given it is already outside the passport-free Schengen zone and has control of its borders.

So far, the consensus from markets and bookmakers is that the events have increased the probability of Brexit with the Pound falling sharply against the Dollar and bookmakers slashing the odds on Brexit (with the implied probability rising from around 30% to around 35% if not higher).

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