The full text of the European Council summit conclusions, including the full UK deal can be found here.

Open Europe’s Co-Directors Raoul Ruparel and Stephen Booth said:

“The reform package being offered to the British public is a step in the right direction. The deal is not transformative, but neither is it trivial. The safeguards against the Eurozone dictating terms to the UK are significant, while the restrictions on EU migrants’ access to welfare would make the current system fairer and help reduce the incentives to move to the UK to perform low-paid, low-skilled work. The changes on ever closer union make it clear that the UK does not want further political integration. It is the largest single shift in a member state’s position within the EU.”

“It is unfortunate that EU leaders have not risen to the occasion and taken this opportunity to embrace Europe-wide reform. This has narrowed the scope of the negotiations to British exceptionalism and therefore falls short in many of the areas that Open Europe has identified as ripe for reform. It is not simply the British public that wants a more competitive, democratic and less bureaucratic Union. Even at last night’s summit a number of other states attempted to piggy-back on the UK’s reforms, but this was resisted by others for fear of ‘reform contagion’. The question now is whether the EU will ever be able to embrace radical reform. British voters must not only weigh this question when they go to the polls, they will also consider the wider arguments for and against membership and the alternatives that are put forward.”

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