British voters stand by EU referendum decision (CNN/ComRes poll)

would vote Leave 47%
would vote Remain 45%
don't know 8%

British voters stand by EU referendum decision

Source: CNN/ComRes poll

According to a CNN/ComRes poll, British voters would repeat their decision to leave the European Union if the referendum were held today.

Six months after the referendum, 47% of British voters say they would vote Leave, with 45% saying they would choose to Remain, even though nearly half of them expect the decision to hurt them financially. The remaining 8% of respondents said they didn’t know how they would vote.

Brexit study

Open Europe has conducted comprehensive studies of UK withdrawal from the EU and simulated UK-EU negotiations involving key politicians from across Europe:

  • Our original Brexit report draws on detailed economic modelling to assess the impact of different Brexit scenarios.
  • The follow-up Brexit II report looks at policy recommendations in the fields of trade, immigration and regulation, which we believe are required in the event of a Brexit in order to offset the costs and maximise the economic benefits.
  • Involving key politicians from across Europe, we have simulated UK-EU negotiations for two main scenarios: (1) the UK seeking a new deal after having left the EU and (2) the UK renegotiating EU reform from within.

For Open Europe’s latest thinking on Brexit, please visit our blog or sign up to our morning news summary for updates on the most important stories as they happen.

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