After Brexit, the Government will be able to control immigration from the EU. Is it more important to you that the Government prioritises:

Allowing immigrants to come to the UK as long as there is control to make sure they will contribute to our society, economy and way of life 56%
Reducing the numbers of people coming into the UK 36%
Don't Know 8%

British public prioritise immigration 'control' over 'reduction' (ICM for Open Europe poll)

Source: ICM for Open Europe

In a new report, Open Europe finds that public attitudes on immigration are far more nuanced and sophisticated than often is portrayed in political or media debate. Our poll found that a majority of the public (56%) supported a system which allows immigrants to come to the UK on the condition that social and economic controls are in place, over a system that simply reduces the total number of immigrants coming to the UK (36%). We also found that not all Leave voters want a flat reduction in numbers: a large proportion (43%) were willing to back a more flexible mechanism for controlling immigration.

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