Best Forex Trading Platforms In 2022

Are you looking for online currency trading opportunities? Well, you would need the right platform to get a successful start on your currency trading business. For your convenience, here we have a list of the best forex trading platforms in 2022. 

Forex trading is trending among new entrepreneurs nowadays. However, most of the new traders lose their money due to insufficient information about the trading and wrong guidance. We will also guide you about which is the best platform for forex trading and why.


eToro is a multi-asset company as well as a trading platform for trading services such as forex and crypto. Its headquarters are situated in Tel Aviv, London, and Limassol, with over 1200 employees to provide excellent trading services. 

It has the most easy-to-use interface. Even beginners feel comfortable with eToro’s application as everything is so simple and easy. 

eToro has the best security system for the assets of its worthy clients. It works in compliance with FCA, CySEC, and ASIC. Moreover, to guard the client’s personal information, it uses SSL encryption which is much more secure. Some key features of eToro are as follows:

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit for the eToro varies across the globe. Mostly, the variation is found across the countries. In the US, the minimum deposit is 50$, while in some countries, it rises up to 1000$.

Availability of The App

eToro app is available for mobile on both android and iOS play stores. Moreover, trading can be done from the official website of eToro company. 


Any trader who invites someone else to invest in any trading market gets a bonus of 50 dollars. Moreover, when someone buys their first crypto coins, they also receive a bonus of 50 dollars.

As the name shows, this platform is specified only for forex trading. It is the second-best forex trading platform after eToro in 2022. This platform is limited for US residents as only a few platforms are accessible in the US. 

You get access to 80 different currency pairs when you open an account with Moreover, it has different accounts for its clients, so traders can get the one that meets their requirements. For example, a casual forex trader can go for a commission-free account. is also a highly secured platform for forex trading as it is regulated by agencies such as CFTC, NFA, and FCA. Moreover, it has licences from several other countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Canada.

Minimum Deposit

To start trading with, you would need a minimum of 100 dollars deposit. Your fee would depend on the type of account you open. However, it has some of the lowest spreads in the industry. 


The most popular bonus offered by is the welcome bonus. It is awarded to those traders who fund their trading accounts within fourteen days of opening them. The trader gets 20% of their deposit back!

Availability is available on google play store and apple store and is totally free to download. You can also trade through the web by using the platform’s web version. 


IG is the third-best platform on our list of best forex trading platforms in 2022. It is known for its excellent leverage services. It is an excellent platform for traders who have limited access to capital as it offers high levels of leverage. 

IG offers over 80 currency pairs which are for successful trading. 80 currency pairs means converting your 200 $ investment into 10000 $. Besides this, it has the latest technology servers that avoid lags and server breakdowns. Some key features of IG are as follows:

Minimum Deposit

As this forex trading platform is specified to some specific European countries, the deposit required is in pounds sterling. You need to deposit a minimum of £250 to start trading with IG. Moreover, you can easily fund your account with a bank card or a bank transfer. 


Unfortunately, this platform does not offer any permanent bonus for its users. However, you can get the advantage of time-limited offers.


IG has its own proprietary application, L2 Dealer. The application is available on Google Playstore and the Apple store and is free to download. Moreover, you can also use the web version available on the platform’s official site. 

Final Words

This was all about the best forex trading platforms in 2022. Though there are only three platforms on our list, these are the best and no other platform can compete with them. 

An excellent trading platform must be regulated with any international agency and should possess superior technology. Moreover, while selecting the trading platform, keep an eye on the fees, spreads, and products offered. 

The above platforms are compatible in terms of these features. I hope that you get the right platform for trading so you don’t end up losing your money. Best of luck!

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