Rakuten Securities Review 2021 – Pros, Cons, Fee, and Features


Rakuten Securities is among the world’s five biggest forex traders and a leader in diversified forex trading. They deliver forex and CFD online trading goods and facilities on the mt4 website. The broker has a worldwide footprint and a very wide client base from all around the globe. The site is accessible in eleven tongues. Rakuten Securities Australia is a component of Rakuten securities inc., which has been in business since 1999. Rakuten inc. Is successfully known on the Tokyo stock exchange. It has a market capitalization of 1 trillion Japanese yen.

Rakuten securities explicitly claim that it is a market maker and its order volume is so large that it can function itself as a liquidity supplier without consulting any foreign entity. The broker asserts that it does not function as a counterparty to customer demand. Business operations are used on all orders that are performed within milliseconds. The commercial executing databases are based in Australia and Tokyo, namely.

Rakuten has evolved to be a global superstar through its well-established, well-respected trading offers along with big endorsement deals, including those with Spanish football pioneers “FC Barcelona.”

Rakuten Overview:

  • Long years in service and a good reputation
  • Long years in service and good reputation conditions and the trading offer itself can differ based on the legislation and the individual.
  • Globally recognized and awarded brokers
  • Mt4 and specialized platforms Rakuten fx
  • Excellent resources for assistance, learning, and analysis
  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Rakuten Compliance and Regulation:

Rakuten Securities Australia is controlled by the Australian Securities and investment commission (ASIC). Rakuten Securities Australia maintains the Australian financial services license (AFSL) no. 418036. Rakuten securities are also monitored by the financial services agency of japan (JFSA).

All Rakuten Securities Australia client resources are carried in separate accounts located in the national Australian bank, an aa-rated financial institution. This shall be under the ASIC restrictions. Money received in separate accounts isn’t used for Rakuten for its business controls. If the financial adviser becomes bankrupt in the coming years, the separated investments will be transferred to the proprietors.

The rakuten homepage and framework are shielded by a 128-bit secure socket layer (ssl) encrypted data supplied by the digicert sha 2 secure server ca. This guarantees that all client confidential information, such as banking information, are encoded before being conveyed over the web to databases. Internet scammers and cyber fraudsters are forcibly removed from this ssl innovation.

Rakuten Pros and Cons:


  • Stringent regulations
  • Separated funds of the client
  • Fixed spread profile
  • No exchange commission fees 
  • Economic trading on my fx book & Zulu trade
  • Research and business study courtesy of auto chartist


  • No us customers
  • Restricted non-fx software
  • No spread of variable transactions
  • Educational materials not yet offered

Rakuten Trading Countries:

Rakuten welcomes customers from all over the globe, except for certain nations where limitations occur, such as the USA, Belgium, Russia, Iran, and Israel. Any of the functionality and services of Rakuten securities brokers referred to in this Rakuten Securities analysis may not apply to traders from particular nations due to regulatory constraints.

Rakuten Trading Platforms:

The only framework offered for exchanging is the successful trading platform meta trader (mt4) created by the Russian technology company meta quotes. Rakuten offers the mt4 program as a downloadable desktop computer framework as well as smartphone applications. Mac Osx customers are encouraged to check their customer service team for guidance on how to download mt4 on their devices. Other brokers are offering mt4 for mac.

Mt4 Desktop:

Due to its multitude of functionality, tools, and customizability, Rakuten has chosen to provide mt4 to merchants.

  • Interactive maps in 3 forms that can be viewed over 9 timelines.
  • 30 built-in technical indicators that can be extended to include personalized metrics.
  • 24 analytical instruments used to do a technical study of the maps.
  • 4 pending orders, 2 stop orders, and one trailing stop.
  • One-click trade.
  • Web, text messaging, and email updates.
  • Live quotations and live maps for all tradable properties.
  • Endorses electronic trading by the use of expert advisors (eas).
  • Meta editor for the development of eas, markers, and scripting in the MQL computer language.
  • Entry to the market of meta traders where more trading and exchanging resources can be bought.

Mt4 Mobile:

The mt4 mobile application is compatible with ios and android platforms. Rakuten offers connections for installing software from the app store and play store. The smartphone application is developed for consumers to reach their trading account when on the move from everywhere in the world via the internet. The layout of the application is easy and user-friendly. It has much of the same functionality as the desktop edition.

  • The ‘quotes’ tab shows the live ‘bid’ and ‘ask’ values of all tradable properties.
  • Completely customizable maps in 3 forms and 9 timeframes. 
  • The graphs can be scrolled in and viewed in different colours.
  • 30 technical measures and 24 analytical sources for map analysis.
  • Full order control using business execution, pending orders and risk management techniques such as stop loss and take benefit.
  • The account balance will be shown in real-time even though transactions are in action.
  • It interacts smoothly with the variant of the desktop. You can put a trade on your pc and track, change or close a market on your smartphone device.

Rakuten Trading Tools:

1.    News:

The current news page on the Rakuten program offers market news on the different trading strategies as they crack. Sadly, this news segment is not updated regularly.

2.    Copy trading:

Rakuten offers copy trading facilities to its users via the auto trade functionality of Myfxbook. Myfxbook is a successful online trading network that lets customers copy tactics and exchanges of other traders. To use the auto trade functionality, Rakuten mt4 trading accounts can be connected to Myfxbook. The required account balance needed to connect Myfxbook accounts is $1,000. Myfxbook costs $0.1 for every $1,000 exchanged.

3.    Auto charist:

This is an addon mt4 application that searches the graphs of multiple instruments aiming for a trading advantage. The dealer is notified when he detects one. It is accessible in 11 languages and is entirely customizable. This saves a lot of time invested by the dealer on technical research. The auto chartist can be obtained from the rakuten portal and activated on the desktop edition of the mt4 platform.

4.    Market report:

Rakuten customers will register to receive 3 market reports per day. These reports have a business forecast when the stocks in tokyo, london and new york are opened up.

5.    Zulu trade:

Zulu trade is one of the fastest-growing social trade routes widely available. Zulu trade allows traders to identify skilled analysis providers through their ratings, results and other metrics. Customers of rakuten can select from hundreds of merchants from over 190 nations and replicate their exchanges instantly. Customers are required to register to zulu trade and then connect their mt4 profiles to begin trading with zulu trade.

6.    Vps:

Virtual private server (vps) is offered to all users who are willing to take part. Traders that use diversified investment styles, trading structures and eas are also expected to do so. A vps is important to run mt4 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can also improve bandwidth and reduce downtime. The vps could be established via amazon, and rakuten guides how to do it.

Rakuten Trading Accounts and Charges:

Rakuten provides only two styles of plans that are focused on leverage. The required opening balance of both accounts is $50. The broker provides fixed spreads on all portfolios without commissions. Fixed spread portfolios can be beneficial for someone whose business plan needs a clear spread which lets the trader measure the value of trading before positioning. That being said, it should be noticed that spreads can also escalate at moments such as during official statements or periods of slow growth.

The categories of trading accounts are as follows:

  • Standard Account: This account has an increased proportion of 1:100. This account provides lower spreads with a Euro USD comparison currency pair of 0.5 pips.
  • High Leverage Account: overall available leverage is 1:400. Spreads are marginally higher with a Euro USD currency pair of 0.8 pips.

Islamic profiles that meet with sharia courts are accessible upon demand even though rakuten maintains that it is exclusively for muslims and, therefore, anyone applying for islamic accounts should provide proof of their religion.

Demo profiles are accessible to review the various financial instruments and requirements before creating a real account. Demo profiles are unrestricted and unregulated. That being said, they would be removed if there is no development on the profile for up to 30 days. Since broker charges can differ and fluctuate, there may be extra expenses that are not included in this rakuten securities analysis. You must review and recognize all the latest details until you create a rakuten securities broker profile for online trading.


Rakuten is an accomplished broker who has been employed in japan for a long time. Since then, they have extended company activities internationally, supported alliances, opened offices and gained patronage from traders all over the globe. They introduce advanced and creative trading technology with very fast servers that complete business executions in less than a second.

Among the many positive features, this broker’s collection of assets is very limited compared to other brokers offering hundreds of profit opportunities. Besides, the broker does not have analysts to assist with regular research and market news. No training services are offered, although there is a note on the platform that they will soon be available.

Frequently asked questions:

1.    How long does it takes to withdraw money from the account?

If you make a withdrawal well before the cut-off period (3 p.m. On workdays), the withdrawal will be represented in your balance on the same day. After 3 pm, it’s going to process the next working day.

2.    What is the trading limit in rakuten?

You will have a trading cap of up to 5 times the amount of money and the current stock price you see in your contra account

3.    How many trading accounts can one person hold?

Each individual is permitted to open only one trading account.

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