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Established in 1997, Cap Trader is a digital broker providing customers with direct market access (DMA) to even more than 1,2 million investment products in 31 nations and 24 economies, spanning upwards of 125 global exchanges comprising Stocks, Futures, Options, CFDs, ETFs, Shares, Forex and more. Cap Trader is an Introductory Broker for Virtual Traders, one of the biggest online brokerage firms in the world. They sell the most significant international markets with competitive cost commissions. The award-winning SMART infrastructure brokers run more than one million trades a day. Using this very technology, the instructions are instantly guided to some of the best execution locations.

Cap Trader has a range of strong and versatile financial products to choose from for computer, the internet & mobile phones. You can create a trading profile with them from an initial payment of $2,000 or move your total holdings. Customers may get specialised guidance, including information sessions and learning, to enable them to acquaint themselves with the systems and services of brokers. Cap Trader is also a socially conscious broker who promotes and donates to charitable initiatives. The dealers’ team finds this extremely praiseworthy and demonstrates to us that they are responsible brokers eager to support those who are in need.


Cap Trader is a label of FXFlat Wert paper handels bank GmbH and is licensed with the German Financial Supervisory Authority Baffin and is therefore applicable to German supervisory regulation. They are an introductory broker for existing digital brokers who are approved and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Customer deposits are kept in separate funds with some of the largest financial institutions around the globe. Besides, many security schemes implemented by Online Brokers are protected (SIPC, LLOYDS).

Cap Trader accepts customers from all around the world, as there are several nations wherein, they will be unable to accept requests relating to regulatory constraints. Some of the Cap Trader brokerage functionality and services listed in this Cap Trader review may not be accessible to investors from particular nations due to regulatory constraints.


Cap Trader has a good range of strong but scalable trading platforms. Traders get the option between the fully advanced and award-winning Trader Workstation (TWS) online marketplace (available for Windows/Mac/Linux), the Web Trader (available through a web browser) or the Smartphone Trader (smartphone application), based on their individual opinions. Besides, successful customers are given exposure to the Agena Trader portal to optimise their investments.


The Trader Workstation (TWS) is the most efficient market maker for brokers and is distinguished by its strong speed and consistency. It uses comprehensive features and functionalities that allow international trade across different kinds of commodities with numerous order types (over 50 supported), analytics, and a variety of productivity trading platforms. An amazing array of order types has been developed to accommodate all kinds of financial derivatives. TWS has a wealth of add-on tools including Book Trader, Option Trader, Basket Trader, Scale Trader, Optimized Stock Window, FX Trader, Spread Trader, Chart Trader, Accumulate & Distribute Analytics.

The TWS system enables several analytical approaches including the Price/Risk Research, along with the IB Risk Explorer, data indicators including maps, news and business scans, and vast international basic analysis. TWS is a highly efficient trading market where usability comes first. Especially in comparison to other trading sites, such as Meta Trader, TWS appears to have a stiffer learning process. We, therefore, consider this to be a forum best suited to seasoned traders.


If you may not always operate on the same device or take trips frequently for corporate and leisure purposes, you could use the Web Trader application that goes straight in most major web browsers with no need to import or upgrade existing applications. With an interactive Web Trader service, Cap Trader offers you a quick brokerage account that you can use to navigate your profile and trade stocks from everywhere in the globe if you do have internet service. The Web Trader framework has minimal features compared to the Windows desktop, with fewer add-on apps, order assistance and analysis techniques. That being said, the Web Trader platform may be deemed simpler to use with a smaller learning process.


Cap Trader offers a variety of smartphone systems that help you to exchange online through your Cap Trader account by using iOS and Android smartphones. You can select from the Mobile Trader Workstation (TWS) and Web Trader platforms.


Agena Trader is a top-level online marketplace for skilled traders, one step better than analogue tools available. It has an assortment of applications spanning from graph trading to integrated market scanners. The goal of Agena Trader is to save precious time for investors and to offer all the required functionality for different trading tactics and techniques. In addition to discretionary and completely automated trading, a semi-automated trading approach is integrated.


Cap Trader has collaborated with some of the most well-known finance industry technology companies to offer a range of significant trading tools to improve their customers’ total buying and selling experience. You can select from a wide range of trading platforms to find the right app that suits your trading strategy. Here are some of the best tools you can use on Cap trader:


Multi Charts is an award-winning skilled charting and trading tool that is compliant with Easy Language. It provides advanced research, back-testing, automation and tactical links to leading business data streams and distributors.


Auto Chartist automatically identifies millions of price movement, such as triangles, wedges, tops and channels that are constantly detected on trading instruments during the day. This implies that shareholders will spend less time looking for quantitative growth potential while expanding their technical research. Patterns will be shown with quality analysis and warning alerts will be enabled.


Ninja Trader is a framework for chart software and market research. The program has been developed for systems engineering, back-testing and trading simulations.


The Trade Signal Web portal provides market news and a wide community together with free trading resources and quotations for an integrated chart review. Through the plain symbolic language of Equilla, traders can independently programme their trading programmes, and consumers can access premium services and foreign exchanges in real-time at any time. Trade Signal Website is accessible in both English and German.


Option Cube is a support platform designed to simplify choices for traders, fund managers and financial analysts. It provides a risk management plan and a risk assessment method for portfolios made up of stocks, options, futures, funds and bonds. The program is accessible in two variants one for private companies and one for skilled traders. It can be incorporated into the trading platform through an API link.


Cap Trader provides cash and margin portfolios. The cash account is restricted to betting on stocks for a long time. The minimum payment is $2,000 or comparable in foreign exchange. It’s quite a large requirement relative to another broker who makes it possible to create a trading account for just $1. The gap for stock CFDs is 10%, for index CFDs, it is 5%. Investors can maximize their equity resources via Cap Trader up to 40 times while exchanging forex financial instruments.

In particular, all Cap Trader profiles are multi-currency accounts. Regardless of the option between cash or a margin account, you can have multiple national units in your account at the same time and exchange them. Basic currency doesn’t matter, but simply shows the currency of the assets and reports of your account. Cap Trader follow the regulation on day-to-day pattern trading (PDT) for intraday trading of US shares. Day trading includes a portfolio with a net insolvency value of at least $25,000. (incl. cash, stocks, options and futures P&L, excl. options and warrants). This implies that if you exchange several places regularly, you will be deemed a day trader and therefore need to follow the minimum requirements.

Trading with Cap Trader usually includes payments for orders. There are no payments for the administration of custody accounts or other commissions. Order fees differ considerably on the exchange you are dealing in. The broker has a commission section that displays all the latest rates that will apply to your orders, such as the relevant stock market fees. This makes trading costs clear, with no additional costs for you to be captured. An inactivity fee of $1 per calendar month will only be paid if the total amount of your checking account is less than $1,000 (or equivalent) and you do not participate in daily trading.


Overall, since Cap Trader is a proven broker for Interactive Traders, it can provide a competent online brokerage platform with affordable fees to cater for a series of diverse trading types. They are controlled and offer strong but accessible financial instruments alongside a variety of additional trading tools. The voluntary work they have done over the past is admirable, while the customer service team is easily accessible.



Constructing an account with Cap Trader doesn’t have too many mysteries. You must obey the specific descriptions on the web to build a live account. All data must be backed up by the paperwork you send in addition to making the withdrawing successful.


Cap Trader is certainly a stable broker. It has 23 years of experience in the area and is a leader in online payments in Germany. The support of Interactive Brokers makes this a company ready to deal with advantageous but also challenging circumstances.


Yes, since 1998 Cap Trader has been authorised by Baffin, the agency that oversees and monitors financial activities in Germany. Interactive Brokers are controlled by European and United Kingdom officials.

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